Posted 3w ago by @keytaro

My husband just brought me home this fiddle leaf fig today. What kind of damage is this ? I also didn't realize they were poisonous and now I'm worried about touching it ? How worried should I be and how do I help it thrive ?
#ficusgang can you help her out with this one please?
My recollection is they aren't poisonous to humans as in you shouldn't touch it, but in that their sap can cause skin irritation. I've repotted, propagated, and pruned mine with no issues.

For cats and dogs however, they are poisonous if ingested.

As for the spots, I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable BUT I will say some look like ones you'd get due to inconsistent watering. Honestly, looks like your husband brought home a plant in need of your TLC ❀️
Looks healthy to me

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