Posted 1w ago by @Mindellah

To separate or not to separate?
Should I separate the baby and pot separate or repot the thing so the roots reach into the soil?
I would think repotting but am no expert. @RJG could probably give you the best advice.
Oh yah you can def separate now if you want!
@Mindellah I agree with what @RJG said πŸ’―
@RJG and dumb question I’m sorry but I repot sideways so roots are in soil, yes?
@Mindellah nah I would do it up and down. Those roots just mean it doesn't think it's getting quite enough water so it's reaching out for more places to touch the ground. Once it's in the soil it'll grow roots from the soil level. Just make sure those roots are touching the ground and everything is fine!
Also not a dumb question.
@RJG thank you!

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