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How often do I need to water this plant. How do I recognize when it needs water. It does get direct sunlight when not overcast.
6” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
water when the soil is fully dry. The leaves will feel less plump & start dropping when it is under watered.
There are many different ways to tell when a plant needs water. 1) Use a toothpick/ skewer. You can stick a toothpick or skewer into the soil all the way, twist it, and pull it out. If the bottom 25% or less is wet but the rest is dry, it’s time to water. 2) Pick the pot up and feel the weight. This is definitely one that some people may not be able to do, as it can be hard to tell. If you pick the pot up and it’s noticeably lighter, it’s water time. 3) look for signs of drooping. Usually when most plants are thirsty, they will tell you by drooping. Once you water them, they should perk up in a day or two. Just make sure not to confuse drooping from underwatering with overwatering or other problems.
I let my aloe get completely dry and then I feel the leaves. They should be relatively hard when they have the water they need, but when the aloe is thirsty the leaves tend to get a little soft. It also says that you don’t have drainage, so definitely stick a skewer into the soil to see if it’s completely dry.keeping it constantly moist can cause root rot
Some how this was listed as no drainage, but it does have drainage. Can't figure out how to change that.
The leaves will start to brown when you water too much. Both of mine has done it.
When adding my jade plant watering every 13 days was recommended

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