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Got this #RubberPlant two weeks ago and slowly a couple o...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
If the spots don’t spread, are walled off and scarred, I’d leave it. If it starts spreading, I’d clip the leaves off.
@EZLennyLance thank you! In the past couple of days it’s gotten worse but not spread
@Momof83ans it’ll darken if it’s dead, and walled off, but it won’t affect more of the leaf. If more of the leaf becomes affected, I’d cut it off with sterile scissors
Hi there! I wouldn’t be too worried. My rubber plant also shed a few leaves when it was acclimating to its new environment. As long as the leaves higher up stay okay, let it run its course. The leaves should drop by themselves in that case. No need for trimming. But frankly, it may not even come to that! It might stabilize rather quickly and leave you with one or two quirky leaves. But from I can tell, it looks like it’ll be okay! Happy growing!
@Pielewop thank you! I can’t wait to put it with my other rubber trees
@Momof83ans I’m sure it’s only an injury, especially since it’s been two weeks and seems to be fine. If you look at my plants, you’ll see a jelly plant with a funny rippled leaf at the top, I guess he was going through something while making that leaf; he still has it, it looks funny, but it’s functioning fine. Good luck, I’m sure it’ll join your other plants very soon.
That’s the plight of my rubber plant. If anything worked for you please share.
@BraveKalanchoe so far I’ve just been spraying it occasionally with and watching the leaves. I want to know more about your rubber plant. I’ve grown to love them (pun intended)
@Momof83ans I have to say your plant is beautiful, I’ve never seen that variety and now I want one. 😍

Kelli & @BraveKalanchoe I thought I’d share this tidbit. I was looking at my rubber plant yesterday, it’s grown a lot since I got it, had some injuries from when I first got it, and I knew that. But… I notice just at the edges of some other leaves, there are what looks like cracks at the edges, but healed. It’s like the leaves are dry, but I know the plant itself is perfectly watered and healthy otherwise.

With my recent discovery of how important humidity is to Hoyas, like life and death important (I’m learning it must affect all tropical houseplants), I got to thinking about this plant. If after your plant’s injuries heal and scar over, you notice any withering or cracking on the outside edges of the leaves, I think it might be a lack of humidity. I’m going to use mine as a guinea pig, I’m going to increase the humidity around it and see if the issue stops and new leaves don’t have this same problem.

Hoyas’ leaves will wither and look sunken when it needs more humidity, Pothos’ leaves will crack at the center as they’re unfurling or if they droop when they lack humidity, so I wonder if this plant’s leaves crack or wither at the outside edges.

Sharmee, because it’s the very tips of your leaves, I wonder if it *is* humidity that your plant needs. It doesn’t look sick per se, it looks dry, and you’re probably not over or underwatering it, so if it needs water, but its roots are getting the right amount, that would leave humidity. So, that’s my guess.

Just thought I’d share, good luck!🍀💚