Posted 5M ago by @strawberrymoon

i was trying to remove some sand after hearing too much in the top layer will retain too much moisture (was trying to add sand to help stabilize my plant, he’s wobbly because his roots aren’t as strong or deep yet) by shaking the pot over a sieve/mesh and he fell out of the soil but not the pot 🥲 i put him back in but god im so worried, does falling cause shock? i know watering will help stabilize plants but i don’t want to water him yet because he isn’t showing any signs of thirst + i don’t know when the seller last watered him. i’m really scared that the shock from falling is going to kill him or something since he’s still a baby plant…
2ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
In my experience it is really unlikely that the limited trauma you are explaining caused shock to your plant especially given it is a succulent. If the roots aren't damaged significantly you should be in the clear.
@greta thank you so so much,,, i was super anxious about this i can finally sleep now :) i’m so glad and relieved !!

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