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Should I wayer
Which plant?

How does the soil feel?

And welcome to Greg, Karen! 😁
Oh! You have two Schlumbergera truncatas- they aren't really cacti, but tropical plants that are epiphytes. They don't like to dry out too much.

I would water when the top inch or so of the soil is dry. I would also recommend filling out all the details on the plant card so the app can better suggest a watering rhythm.

When you go οΏΌto your plant card, there should be three dots at the top, that's the menu. You can add more details there. πŸ™‚
@sarahsalith it was dry on top
@AdonicOnion yep! I'd go ahead and water. If you water it, hit "water" in the app so it knows that the plant has been watered. If the app tells you to water and the soil is still pretty wet, you can hit "snooze" and the app will remind you in three days.

When the app tells you to do something, think of it as a suggestion, not a command. You get to be the final decision in watering or waiting. 😁 I'm glad you found Greg!

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