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plant identification

I got this philodendron white wizard, while looking closely at it i noticed that there is pink on the stems and pink on the stem near the leaf? is this a princess? can someone help me identify this plant
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6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Best Answer
Looks like a white princess because of the white and pink on the stem. And another way to tell the differents is by the leaf shape. The white princess has more of a narrower leaf (like the pink princess) unlike the white wizard.
It may be a princess. I believe a white wizard will have NO pink stems. Here’s a link to telling the difference:,have%20pink%20variegation%2C%20just%20white. And a link to care for pink princesses:,deep%20black%20brushed%20with%20pink. Whatever it truly is, your plant is beautiful! They look so healthy!
Looks like my white princess I just got today
@TopRattleweed oooo im soo happy i didn't relize i love it
@HappyPlantBFF thank you i love it so much