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I'm having a hard time finding help for my pothos. What c...

2ft to light, indirect
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I don’t have a neon and I’m no expert, but my golden thrives in water. I change it once a week and she stays happy.
Brown leaves can have many different causes, including underwatering or overwatering. I see it's in a pot without drainage, so it's possible the soil isn't drying out enough between waterings. If that's the case you want to be on the lookout for signs of root rot (gently pull the plant out of its pot and take a look at the rootsβ€”if they're brown and mushy, root rot is to blame). On the flip side, it could be getting scorched from the heat. I know your plant card says it gets indirect light, but depending on the climate where you're located it might still be too hot.
The profile info says she’s in a pot with no drainage. If that’s right then that probably explains the yellowing leaves. too much water accumulates at the bottom of a pot with no drainage. The plants roots just sit in that water eventually rotting them. Gently remove it from that pot, check the roots to see if any are brown, slimy or smelly. Trim (first clean the scissors with alcohol) off the icky roots and repot in a clean pot with drainage. I like to use plastic nursery pots which I then put inside the pretty decorative pot. If you do that, make sure you clean it before putting anything in it. Hope that helps πŸ‘
@UpbeatHeartleaf as for growing it in's a good option for propagating cuttings, but if you really want your plant to grow bigger and thrive, water alone won't give it the nutrients it needs to do so.
I transplanted my #neonpothos in a larger pot with 3 small drainage holes. Hopefully she'll do better now.
@UpbeatHeartleaf looks happy 😊. It should be- that’s a pretty spot and a beautiful pot 😍