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Greg says to water my Bromeliad 2.5 cups but I can't possibly fit that much in the bottom of the plant.
I know bromeliads like dry soil and water in the cup or in this case, the base, so how do I give it that much water?? #askgreg
6ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Does the pot have drainage? if the pot has drainage holes you do not need to measure out the water. Simply water until water comes out the drainage holes and let it drip a little before putting it back in the cache pot. If you prefer, you could just bottom water it. Place the pot (with holes) in a few inches of water and wait 15 to 20 minutes. The soil and roots will absorb as much water as it needs. If the pot does not have drainage and you really do need to make sure you’re watering the correct amount of water, I would take a look your your plant card and make sure you all the information is accurate
Note: I see its in a 10” pot, is this correct?
You can water the cup of the plant outside of Greg’s recommendations, refilling it when it is somewhat close to being empty. You can also water the soil of the plant, according to Greg’s suggestions or as @AggroResting says.
@AggroResting Yes it's in a 10" pot with drainage.
@gingerlymom its perfectly fine to bottom water OR pour water until water comes from the drainage holes. Since it has great drainage, its not necessary to measure a precise amount
So everything I've read online is wrong again? But all the local nurseries keep the soil dry and fill the bromeliad cup too. I researched this plant quite a bit before I bought it because it's opposite all my other plants.
@gingerlymom you certainly can water it that way as well if you want. Its not wrong at all. It sounds like thats the preferred method for caring for bromeliad. The point is that the precise amount given by greg is not very important, and should always be adjusted for your individual plants as needed :) apologies if I over complicated things.

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