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Hey guys! I was wondering what to do with my plant

#SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #SuccerForSucculents #Succulent #Succulents I need help because I just left mimo out to dry away from his wet soil and he is looking pretty dry. What is my next step?
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Her name is honey and I tried to name myself honey on Greg but of course I spelled it wrong
She's beautiful!! 😍😍 Here are my idiots (Annie on the blanket, Bramble on the mini sofa! Lol) #catsofgreg 😻😹 I'm not much of a succulent expert I'm afraid (I usually kill them pretty quickly! Lmao 🀣) but I would say pot him up in terracotta (if poss) in nice, fast draining succulent soil... Water him in a bit and sit back to watch the magic πŸ₯°πŸ’š xx
I have learned that they like shallow pots so you might try that.
I don't see in this photo that the plant is dry. Could you post fresh pictures of your plant, please
I'm waiting on my first echeveria this week Yours is beautiful I've no advice sorry I'm a newbie myself on this plant I hope I can keep mine happy
Honey is beautiful kitty 🐈😍Here's my critters Misha and Minnie And Heidi and Pasha 🐹🐾🀣
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This is the new pot I I am using (just for rehab) and it has good drainage. That is the soil I’m using and it is pretty good. While I was planting it, two leaves fell out so I put them in a separate pot with soil and I’m hoping they’ll grow roots. I also just watered them by dunking them in water and sprinkling some on top. I hope that’s enough because I won’t be able to water them for a while. That is the light I’m using for the little leaves but I’m using a window for the plant.please give me any tips since this is the first repotting that I have done and the first leaf planting.
This is the window, soil, pot he used to be in and pot he is in now.
Oh and here is a closer pic of mimo he is looking better already!
Also when I watered the leaves, why did the water come out black? From all the YouTube videos I’ve watched it always comes out clear. I do see everyone reporting with mesh between the soil and drainage holes but I’m not sure if they are necessary…
I’m pretty sure that I either overwatered it or maybe it’s the soil because it all drained out but it is still wet
Maybe it’s because there are no roots to absorb it
What do I do?
@NewToSucculents i love her!!! thx for the cat pic
@JenniB81 cute cat!!!!