Posted 3w ago by @AmyPhD

What does yellow leaves on my snake plant mean?

Hi All! I love snake plants because of their low maintenance care. I haven’t watered this guy in awhile and he seems to have sprouted yellow leaves. Any thoughts?
2ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@AmyPhD if you're talking about the leaf on the right side and near the front that looks like too much water to me. Especially if you arw watering every 3days, the app uses a suggestion initially and you should use your judgement until it learns your plant. And if you have that many leaves in a 3" pot it will also be tok crowded and will probably be better in a bigger say 4/5" pot but hard to tell without seeing the whole plant.

It may also be related to being to close to the aircon unit? If its being blasted with cold air. I would maybe move it away from the unit and see.

If your talking about the ones at the back sometimes snakes go yellow on the edges is a sign of stress i.e. Sun or pot bound. There are variegated versions where the leaves are naturally yellow.