Posted 2w ago by @AshleyK

BOP curling in
I feel like this isn’t good, right?? Don’t these leaves curl in if it’s getting too much sun? It’s in the corner of a south facing window. I hope it’s ok I like the way it looks here but it’s just covering it’s face 😂 #BirdOfParadise #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PLANTMAFIA
You might need to increase the humidity. Bring it in the bathroom when you shower!
May want a little bath and mist? Being at the window makes it kind hot so it may curl in
@jcPlantProper @discreetwildyam oh wow thanks!! I’ve been lazy and not showering it to water. I’ll give it a must and spray with the hose the next time I water!
Update misting is helping! It has started opening back up!
I was wondering the same with my plant . Thanks for the update and comments 🌱
I think regular watering is the most important thing for #BirdOfParadise so stay on top of that and you should be good! They curl when they dry out. Misting probably won’t hurt either.
@AshleyK how often do you water & is it tap or filtered?

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