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Off w her head?
So this flower has been growing from my succulent for maybe a month now. Its beautiful but ive noticed the succulent itself has been a little less than thriving the past few days so im wondering if i should chop the flower? If all her energy is going towards this? Idk what do yall think? #SucculentSquad #NewGrowth #NewPlantMom #help
@Mayormccheese I’m not sure πŸ€” let’s ask @kscape and see what she says.
I’m not a pro but I’ve read that the flower definitely takes some of that growth and energy away from the succulent and once it’s done blooming you can cut off the stalk πŸ€—
I would snip the flower if you’d like for your succulent to grow! I’m not a huge fan of the flowers so I usually snip them at the base. Like you mentioned, if snipped, the energy will be used to grow and work on itself rather than using the energy to keep the flower going 😊🌿 @Mayormccheese @KikiGoldblatt
@kscape i couldnt propagate it using the flower stem could i? Might be a silly question lol
@kscape like if i were to cut it at the base and stick it in a glass of water? It wouldnt grow roots would it?
You can, not really worth propagating from flower stalks as the chance of them producing new plants are considerably lower than if you were to propagate by cuttings or offsets. It also takes a lot longer as the flower stalk first has to root and only then will it start producing pups. You can as an experiment though! 😊🌸
@kscape i think im gonna give it a shot! Why not😎 thank u!!
I would remove the flower stem.

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