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Outdoor planting

#CorkscrewWillow.. We've had this bad boy outside for as long as I can remeber. He's about 5 years old. He's been on the brink of death more times than I can count, but always comes back (he gets realllllyyyyyy mad if he isn't watered on super hot days, and we've gone camping a few times and not had "plant care")

When is a good time to just plant him in the ground? He will be in the yard, right behind the picture.
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
@HotShyleaf It sounds like your Corkscrew Willow has quite the resilient spirit! Given that it's been doing well outdoors and you're considering planting it in the ground, here's a suggestion:

Since your Corkscrew Willow has experienced some tough times and recovered, it's likely adapted to your local climate. Spring or fall are generally good times to plant trees, as they can establish their roots before facing extreme weather conditions. So, you might want to consider planting your Willow during either of these seasons. Just make sure to choose a day when the weather is relatively mild and not too hot.

Before you plant it, prepare a hole that's about twice the width of the current root ball and the same depth. This will give the roots room to spread out. Make sure the planting site gets adequate sunlight and has well-draining soil.

After planting, water your Willow thoroughly and add a layer of mulch around the base to help retain moisture and keep the soil cool. Keep a close eye on it during hot days to ensure it's well-hydrated, especially in the first few weeks after planting.

Given your plant's history, it's great that you're planning ahead and considering its well-being. With a little extra care during the transition, your Corkscrew Willow should thrive in its new home in the yard!
I think you could honestly plant him in the yard even today if you wanted to!
If it's 5 years old, I think it will do fine in the transplanting process.
The roots probably need more space to grow and I think you would also see a huge difference in the growth in a month!
Just make sure you keep up the watering for a but if you do decide to plant it in the yard since the days are really hot!