Posted 9M ago by @meadow

what kind of flower is this?
#FalseChristmasCactus i’m just wondering what type of flower this is, we have other christmas cactuses and the flowers that are blooming on them are reddish in color.
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
@Anope interesting! growing up, i only remember seeing red flowers on our christmas cactuses πŸ€” that’s cool, this flower looks like it’ll be huge, and it’s my cactuses first ever flower 😁
@Anope thank you 😊 and surprisingly it’s a couple years old but i’m just so excited, ive been waiting for it to have a flower since ive gotten itπŸ˜‚
I have a pink cactus that blooms in December and a red cactus that blooms in November. It's wonderful to set them side by side and watch the colors during those dull grey months.
It is just like my false Christmas cactus
Mine just started blooming for the first time! Better late than never!
Mine is blooming red and white at the same time! Does anyone know why that would happen?
@userd535f5aa i’m not sure why but it must be a good thing though! it’s beautiful
@userd535f5aa could be 2 different plants in the same pot!
I can't get my plant to bloom

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