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Where exactly should I cut it down to in order to start o...

I bought this cuz I thought it looked cool completely unaware that it's leggy and not supposed to look like this at all πŸ₯΄πŸ€¦ I've been told it's a Graptopetalum paraguayense ghost plant. So where exactly should I cut it down to in order to start it all over under a light? All the way at the soil? And can I do it now or is it better to wait? I don't know when it's growing season is...

I've had it's leaves sitting on soil for a month now and nothing, no offsets or roots or anything. Should they have done something by now? I mist them with water every couple of days.

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wow, this plant has a lot of potential! if it is winter where you are, the plant probably has reduced growth. but you have a ton of material there for experimentation... i would cut off one of the tips (see pic) at the point i marked. cut with a clean razor blade and dip cut end in cinnamon powder to prevent fungus. take off the lower 3 leaves to help roots to develop at these nodes. set the leaves aside for propagation. i don't wet my leaves until they sprout roots or leaves. in fact i have them sitting rooting tip up in an egg carton until they show signs of life. but lying on dirt works too.

give the cutting a day before you plant it in a small pot with succulent mix and good drainage. don't water it right away, wait a couple days, and when you do, water generously. don't water it again until the soil is completely dry. (a sign to water again is also that the lower leaves get wrinkly or limp.) it may not develop much because of the time of year, or it may take off with a grow light - keep us posted!
I’m trying to propagate one by the three leaves that I accidentally knocked off πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ! I’m hoping it works ! They say it can be done we will see
@ehery hi, I don't see any pics?
sorry forgot the photo
this section that has roots also has potential - dip the cut ends in cinnamon powder and lay it on dirt
do i see the leaves you are trying to propagate at the bottom of the pic? it would help to take them off the stem. just carefully twist each leaf off, trying to take it off right at the point of connection to the stem
here are some i have sitting in an egg carton. when they sprout i transfer to dirt, but you can also start on dirt if you have space
@ehery thx for the pic. I actually did about 5 tip cuttings like your pic but they all shriveled up, I think they were just too small.

I was wondering what to do with the one with roots. Should I use the entire stem all the way to the tip or cut it into a small section where the roots are?

The leaves I've been trying to prop are here. The tip cuttings are in there too but they shriveled up already. Some of the tiny leaves shriveled up too. The big ones are still there but nothing is going on
@NotableKonjac this looks good! i would cut that section with roots and lay on or partially sink in dirt. the roots will find their way, spray with water every other day. you can try to propagate the rest of the leaves and tip. it may take some time, but don't give up!
@ehery if I cut a stem down to the soil, will it grow back (hopefully unleggy lol)? I'll definitely try to prop everything cut off, Im just not sure where exactly I should cut at in order to start the plant over. soil line, above a node? It was already leggy when I got it so I'm hoping to remove the leggy stems and get it to grow normal lol

Btw how long did it take for yours to get to the stages in your pictures? Mine are indoors, should I keep them under a light? Thx for your help btw!
you could experiment with this one, upper right in your photo - cut at line, remove leaves 1,2 and 3, and dip cut end in cinnamon. plant in succulent soil in a mini pot with good drainage. put under grow light for part of day (off at night). wait a day to water and then water generously. don't water again until soil is dry

i live in brazil where it is summer. my ghost plant leaves take about two weeks to sprout a root or a new leaf. since you are in winter it will take longer. but spring is coming!
this section that has roots also has potential - dip the cut ends in cinnamon powder and lay it on dirt

(reposting because photo did not post again)
@PrimoLilliput it can indeed be done! just wait πŸ˜‰ the first pic is closeup of ghost plant leaves (it is growing season here in the southern hemisphere). keep us posted!
@ehery 😊 nice!!!
@ehery 😝 I do that ALL THE TIME!! lol…
@ehery thx!
@ehery do you happen to have a pic of your ghost plants? So I know what they are SUPPOSED to look like when they're not leggy 🀣
@NotableKonjac big one in the back and the little ones on the left side. right side darker color os graptosedum bronze
@ehery oh gosh mine looks pitiful compared to yours!
give it time and lots of love. spring is coming!
@ehery in the next couple of days I'm going to do what you said with the one with roots. After I cut that section off, what happens to the rest of it after it's been cut down to the soil? Will the original part grow back normally (under a light) if it's been cut all the way down?
see photo. i would cut out that section with root at points marked with a scissor. powder ends with cinnamon. the remaing tip can also be cut at the scissor mark and powder end in cinnamon. leave the leaves at the top, remove the rest of the leaves which have numbers. 6 is wilted so just toss. plant the tip, sinking the stem in soil and covering those two nodes where leaves 1 and 2 were (roots will form from the nodes). wait a day to water.

most succulents tend to sprout new leaves or roots at the nodes, so i wouldn't recommend cutting all the way back to the soil. try just this tip and root section first. it will take a few weeks to show signs of growth, maybe another tip or two too. the main plant is so stretched out that its nodes are too far apart to produce the 'happy' form of the plant. but you can cut back to where you leave a few nodes and new pups should slowly form there
cut at scissor points, remove leaves 1-6
i would wait to cut back - test a few tips first, then do the rest, and after that cut back the remaining stems to where you leave a few nodes on each - not down to soil
@ehery thank you so much!
@NotableKonjac, the legginess is 100% a matter of preference! These plants can go either way. It comes down to what you want the vibe to be.
Oh, and to give you some insight... I bought the plant pictured below. Everything I cut off (or accidentally broke off), I just plopped back into the soil. Everything rooted and has started growing.

I learned a lot watching this channel's shorts on youtube: @vuonsendavn?si=zay3vxm-OzMR5u7g" target="_blank"> @vuonsendavn?si=zay3vxm-OzMR5u7g
@HeyLillie oh that is so pretty! Ty for the YouTube channel, I watch a lot of plant videos late at night, thx for the recommendation!
@HeyLillie definitely! sorry @NotableKonjac if i made it sound like your plant should be short only. my thought was to help you reset it now that you are giving it proper light and water πŸ‘ here's another ghost plant post that popped up today on instagram
@HeyLillie beautiful!
@ehery I appreciate all of your advice! Looks like in the video they made more from stem sections. That's good to know cuz I have plenty of stem to work with. My tip cuttings from a few weeks ago unfortunately have all shriveled up, I think it's bc of how small they were. I'm still waiting on the leaves to do something but I'm gonna try the stem sections next starting with the one you circled. Thx again
@ehery here's my experiment... And what is left of the original plant... I also have a plate with leaves on it, no soil.

The tray with dirt, do I mist it or no?

Not sure if any of it will work but fingers crossed 🀞 thx for your advice!
wow that tray with dirt looks amazing, can't wait to see how it develops. i wiuld mist the stem section that has roots. the others shouldn't need misting until roots appear. may take two or three weeks. patience πŸ˜‰ the mother plant will continue to grow and thicken too πŸ‘
@NotableKonjac i have never propped water though i have also seen this done. keep us posted πŸ˜€
@ehery some of those leaves I've had sitting out for a month but so far no growth. I also added 3 leaves that I prop-shopped from a store, a jade and some other succulent. One of them had already started doing something when I picked it up. Should I mist that one as well?
i see! i would mist every couple of days when you see roots - wet the soil and make sure the root is in contact - no need to wet the leaf itself. do the same for the tips that you have planted in the dirt
with jade i have had better success sticking the tip into the dirt. they take longer than other varieties
@ehery cool, thx, I'll stick it in the dirt then. Any idea what this is? I got 2 of them πŸ™‚
@NotableKonjac can't be sure but maybe some kind of echeveria πŸ€”
@ehery so the tip cuttings and the thin stem cuttings are shriveling up already, they're just too small to survive. I think I'm gonna move the stem with roots and the leaf that's sprouted into another container so I can mist them without spraying the rest.
does your mister have a stream setting?
@ehery no it's just a cheap spray bottle lol
ok no problem! try to point it at the dirt under the tips and give them a good water
@ehery ty for all of your help!
@NotableKonjac just a thought, while propagating keep cuttings and leaves in indirect sunlight, until they are established. how are things looking?
@ehery lighting has been a very confusing issue. My apartment gets no natural light at all. I have 2 grow lights that the company says are direct light so I'm very confused about how to place my plants since most of my plants are indirect light plants. Plus they are tall standing lights and I'm not sure how far the light reaches. The company claims they reach the plants on the floor.

This one leaf that I prop lifted from the store was already sprouting. I put it separately in a container with the stems that had roots and I used a spoon to drizzle a tiny bit of water, trying not to get the leaf or stem wet.
i have never used grow lights, maybe someone else can help there. my understanding is that they mimic sunlight. so in the same way a you wouldn't put a plant that prefers indirect sunlight in a window where it gets direct rays of light, i would guess you position the light at a little bit of a distance. the leaves and tips which don't yet have roots will do better away, not right under the light

the prop pictured can be left in contact with soil so that its roots find their way down. don't worry too much about getting the mother leaf wet, the important thing is that the soil gets moisture πŸ‘
@ehery I have everything right under a grow light, should I move them?
@NotableKonjac here is a video of a lady's grow light setup. she has leaf props not directly under the light, just to the side, along with other succulents which prefer indirect lighting. hope this helps
@ehery ty, I will watch tonight. What's left of the mother plant seems to be shriveling up
would be good to check the soil for moisture with a bamboo skewer. if it comes out dry it needs water
ooo one of the leaves in water has grown a root! How do I get it to grow an offshoot too? Should I move it to soil? The stem in water has also started to grow roots. No change in the prop box, except the one leaf that had already started to sprout before I got it from the store
just checking in, how are the props and mother plant doing?
@ehery ok so one leaf in water rotted but one grew a tiny root (I moved it to soil, was I supposed to leave it in water?). I added another leaf to water and I think it might be growing a root too. How do I get them to sprout offsets? And am I supposed to keep them in water once a root appears or move to soil? And 2 tips in water have grown roots. Those are still in water. In the prop box, the tips have shriveled up, most of the stems laying down have shriveled up, but a few leaves have started to sprout a tiny offset! And a few have sprouted a small root instead (no offset). When should I start watering those? The mother plants seems to be dying. There are 4 mother plants in the pot, 2 are brown stems (no green at all, no leaves, and no growth). The other 2 are shriveling up.

I think one of the leaves that I prop lifted is rotting. The jade isn't doing anything yet.

I'll see if I can get pics. Thx for checking in!
@ehery here's what's left of the mother plants. See the brown? Are the ones that are brown dead? All of the leaves shriveled up so I pulled them off.
In one pic, 2 have tiny offsets (should I water them yet?), the large leaf (beside the jade) is mushy and rotting though. In the other pic I have the leaf I prop lifted that was already sprouted, plus 2 that grew a root (how do I get it to grow an offset?), and also stem sections that had roots before I cut them off the mother plant. (I am watering all the ones in this box). In the cup of water, the 2 tips have roots.
@NotableKonjac brown that has green coming out of it may still be alive, but plants need leaves to capture light and photosynthesize to grow. i think it may have been too much all at once for the mother plant. i do see some tiny air roots which means either 1) the soil is dry or 2) the main root and trunk are dead/dying and the green stem is not getting water from them. the good new is, a stem generating roots can be planted and may produce a new plant
@NotableKonjac well this is exciting! (yes, i'm a prop nerd)

leaves with roots: make sure the roots have contact with soil, you can kind of slant the leaf so the roots go into soil or cover the roots themselves with soil. moisten the soil where the roots are every other day.

the jade leaf: i have better luck partially sticking them into the soil instead of layong on top, even before they root. after a few weeks leaves may appear above ground

succulent leaves don't all make it - toss the mushy ones. some may produce only root, some root and leaves, some only leaves πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but don't rush to discard unless they become mushy. they will use up the resources in the original leaf before they are ready to grow solo
stems that have roots coming out can be covered with soil also, water only when dry do as to avoid root rot
i have never propped in water. neat! i would guesd you can move to soil when the roots seem strong enough (not so fragile that they break off in transfer)
upper left you can see two jade leaves i stuck in the dirt from the beginning. this try gets watered every 2-3 days because we have warm weather that dries the soil out
just so you have an idea, most of these are props which have already separated from from their leaves. they are a good size but still too soon to move to a regular pot and watering cycle. a few still have leaves attached, but because of their size, along with others in this try, they need less water so as to avoid root rot. they get better nutrients from the original leaf, so i don't rush to separate them, and i have learned the hard way (losing plants) that it is better to wait longer and let the plant really establish itself before treating it like a regular plant in a bigger pot
as they get bigger i move them in a group to a bigger pot. they seem to do better together. and then give them more space and finally their own pot. even so, it's easy to overdo with the water and lose some to root rot πŸ™ˆ but i'm learning!
@ehery should I start watering the ones that have a tiny sprout (leaves)?

Are the trays ok without drainage holes? I'm using a dropper (for tinctures) to water them.

What happens to the ones that only grow roots?

The ones laying down that have roots, do I just cover them with soil (with them on their sides)?

I originally had the jade slightly in soil but I pulled it up to see if it had sprouted yet and I guess I forgot to bury it lol

What kind of plant do you think this is? I'm beginning to think it's not a ghost plant but something else?

Ty for helping me!
water anything that has rootsπŸ‘

no problem if it has roots and no leaves - leave the roots in contact with soil, lying down, or cover just the roots with a bit of soil. they will find their way down and maybe later sprout leaves - other than water every few days you don't need to do anything

trays without drainage holes are fine if you are just dropper watering, a few drops whenever the soil is dry πŸ‘

the very first photo you posted did look like a ghost plant, just one that wasn't getting enough light
@ehery see the itty bitty sprouted leaves? Should I water those? They are just a speck, very tiny.