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Water calculation !
I’m new with plants and got my first monsters last week . Heard different advices about watering, so I’m trying to understand! If It’s better to give amount of water weekly / or to give same amount but divided to every 2 days over the week ! And how much water should I give !?
My pot height 22cm and diameter (bottom) 20cm (I think it’s 7L pot) #Monstera #monsteradeliciosa #MonsteraMob #SwissCheeseVine
Hello, @DaringlyCobnut

Congratulations on your new monstera! the best advice I could give for you is monsteras are aroids, meaning that they grow better with great drainage and a lot of breathing room.

I don’t dedicate a certain measurements of water because it’s over complicated… I figured out that after 1-2/3rds of my potting mix is dry, it’s time to evenly water and let it completely drain. (it’s easier to overwater than underwater)

and by “evenly” i mean i keep watering until i see the top is completely wet. drain. put back. repeat.

I wish you luck with you monstera! don’t be afraid to make mistakes. remember it takes time :)
I water mine once a week! If you give it every two days that’s too much! I would water about 3/4 of a cup of water and make sure it drains out the bottom of the pot! 
You have a beautiful Monstera. My advice is to get a moisture meter. It will indicate when the plant needs water. 💚
Moisture meter is helpful is knowing WHEN to water. As for how much, it’s about drainage. Water it thoroughly until all the soil is wet and it drains out. (I put mine in the shower to wash the leaves too!) then let it dry out well again, etc.
@Pegster yes! this will save anyone from over-watering/under-watering any plant! @AHassona
The app should help with the amount of water.
@philoboi @Pegster @ManyRutabaga thank you a lot I will try to get a meter so I learn more by time while following the water 🪴

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