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Purple shammy
What should I do with her? She’s been fine all summer and then this. She’s been looking like this for a month now. I’ll try to get a better picture when it’s sunny. I didn’t realize how dark it was tonight already and thought the porch light would be enough lighting lol
She may need some Shade and water... I have mine planted in the ground and they definitely get dramatic if they get too hot.
Yeah, looks a little wilted. I would let her get morning sun, then shade or inside in the afternoon. If that doesn't help after a week or so maybe repot and check the roots. Good vibes to Shammy!
Wilted? I thought she was looking a little leggy 🤣 She received 4” of rain the last 2 days and is in a pot with great drainage. She’s receiving morning sun only. My neighbor has hers in full sun and it’s twice as big 🤷🏻‍♀️
She might need to be repotted. Some times roots grow fast than we realize. I have several plants I'm busy trying to repot bc of that. Had no idea they were so badly root bound and that's why it looked poor
@KrunchyWrap I’ll check! Thanks!

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