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what's wrong with my alocasia reginula?

what's wrong with my alocasia reginula?
one leaf (i think the youngest) has flopped all the way over while i was out of town. i water once every 9 or so days and only about an inch of water in the saucer so the water wick can suck it up! Greggers told me it might be underwatered due to bottom watering only so I top watered a couple days ago and he’s still drooping and is yellowish!! Help!!!

note: i propped the droopy leaf on one that is firm for the sake of the pictures. the lightest leaf pictured is the one that is drooping.

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Last watered 2 months ago
He needed more sunlight.
Discoloration… in New leaves is normal but they change to the normal color once it matures.
Wow! Overall yours looks so good β€” I’m jealous. Mine is surviving at the moment πŸ˜…
@NativeTigerfern Alocasias do what they want to do 🀣 However, the color is what would concern me. The stem is bent at the base from the weight. I believe this leaf is dieing off.
Might need fertilizer’ can be lacking nutrients especially since yours has a lot of leaves on her β€˜ they tend to do this then die off to persevere energy for a new leaf.
If it’s under watering try the wicking method (self watering)