Posted 2Y ago by @lxryn

Too tall

Hi there, my #ribbonplant has gotten too tall for the window I have it in. Could I get some advice for how to trim & propogate it?
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Technically, you can cut it off where you want the new plant to start and put it in water. It should root and grow from there.
What a lovely dracaena braunii! This article gives you some pointers on how to propagate ðŸŒąðŸŽ‹ ðŸŒąðŸŽ‹
You can honestly cut it right above any leaf and place that in the water
Thank you all!
Yes it does look like it needs a good trim. I saw some helpful youtube videos that will give you a good guide. Propagate it in water.