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Money Tree is quickly dying #help #helpneeded

I purchased a money tree in a 10”Hx8”W plastic pot with drainage a week ago. Initially, it was healthy, but gradually the leaves have started to drop off, shrinking before falling. When I first got it, I watered it with two cups of water, added two pumps of fertilizer, and lightly sprayed it with neem oil.

However, the tree is quickly deteriorating, and I'm seeking your advice to save it. Thanks in advance for your help.
9ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
More light I would say. Mine tanked like that too from overwatering. My new one I just keep a watering bulb in it. And it’s off side of a patio door. It’s coming back nicely
It may be be too far from the window. Make sure it has enough light (plant light meters are very inexpensive and very helpful!) and there is no draft (a/c vent blowing on it, etc) Place your money tree in bright, indirect light. South-facing windows are ideal for the summer months and east-facing for the winter. If the rays streaming in are too harsh, place a sheer curtain over the window or move your plant a few feet from the window but still in the direct path of the sunlight.
@Darkprincess I had it in front of my patio window for the first few days and that’s when I noticed that I had to move it further away from the window because the leaves were falling. Perhaps somewhere in the middle?
@ZestfulGrower it’s probably too far from the window, you’re right. Thank you for your advice!