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Help! Came home today after vacation to brown dots (dusting) on Dracaena limelight - anyone know what this is? #Dracaena #help
Last week, no spots. Today, here they are. They don’t run off and appear to be actual discoloration of some kind. What changed, if it’s even relevant, is that we left for a week for spring break. I drew the shades (it sits about 7ft from a SW window here in SC; no direct sunlight normally but lots of light). I watered it before leaving. Didn’t change home temp.. doesn’t sit near a vent. Got home this morning and checked on my plants and found this. The interwebs isn’t helping because it only seems to find leaf tip browning.. nothing like this. Help!
Looks like some sort of pest infestation. Try Google searching a picture for identifying it. Any indoor plant spray for pests, mites, etc. Will work to clear up. You can wipe the leaves now with an one part alcohol and one part water. It's safe and kills immediately. I hope this helps. Good luck 😃

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