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I had never seen one of the until yesterday, so I bought ...

3” pot with drainage
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Love those🫨
Ooh that's cute!!πŸ₯°
Tigers Jaws is a nice plant. I used to have variegated version that I got from Home Depot. I lost it due to overwatering.
@vvvelo yeah, I'm going to try my hardest to not touch them with water πŸ’¦ but once per month as long as I have them in glazed pots.
@UltraKoreanfir I believe that once a month is not enough. Are you going to replace the soil in their pots? Nursery soil does not have nutrients at all. I believe they use growing hormone and different fertilizers to grow their plants there.
I love these plants. They make cute yellow flowers, too! It’s a type of Mesemb, so make sure it has very gritty soil and lots of light. They’re really fun plants to have in your collection!
@vvvelo and @Jana85
Just repotted from the 2" nursery pot yesterday. It was a typical soil & coir type matrix, and the plant had a lot of roots, but they were wispy.... it's a baby, so I think that's probably okay. I couldn't get all of that off the roots, so I left some, but filled the rest of the pot with Boniosz Gritty Mix (Amazon). Colored rocks (black & red lava, diatomite, green zeolite, Maifinitum, and hard Maifinitum). I rinsed it first ...not sure I was supposed to do that.

I'm new, so if you guys have feedback on what would be better, I'm all ears.

The reason I said once a month was based on Greg advice. I will see if I can find it and screen shot it.
Here it is. The prudent move would probably be to just go ahead and report it to terracotta, but I love the look of the little glazed pots. That's why I thought that maybe if I used rocks in there, it would drain and dry out faster, regardless of the glaze...and then infrequently watering (Greg also says these are drought tolerant to the point of relative neglect). 🀞
I keep mine in a glazed pot. I wouldn’t keep it on a strict watering schedule. If the leaves feel firm, don’t water. If the leaves start to feel soft then it’s time to water. I have all of my succulents in glazed pots because I like the different colors. I use this soil for all of my succulents. Although there are several different brands of this type of soil on Amazon. Succulent & Cactus soil Mix - Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend (2.5 Dry Quarts)
@PurpleSucculent thanks for the dirt info. These plants are so full of character! Yours is very cute.
@UltraKoreanfir thanks. It’s got several pups and I’ve just left them alone. I wanna see how it grows before I make any decisions.
@PurpleSucculent I saw that in the pic. I'm thinking I would do the same. Let the parent get good and established roots and half a dozen pups before attempting any splits. I've seen some photos online where there is a literal colony of them living in one planting.
Like this!