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Philodendron- How long should the root(s) be before potti...

I took several cuttings at the same time and have been rootig in water; the others grew multiple roots and have been potted but this guy just has the one. It’s pretty long and has some little rootlets- is he good to go? #Philodendron #PropagationStation
@Squiddylumpkins I would think so. It looks good and strong.
Most I’ve heard say at least 2”… but then I’ve heard some wait for a couple long roots along with some secondary! I’ve been procrastinating and haven’t potted ANYYY of my water propagations πŸ«£πŸ˜…πŸ₯΄ if you do, just be sure to baby it for the next couple of weeks!
I think your can go ahead and plant it. Make sure it doesn’t dry out while it’s acclimating to soil. (:

Have a great night, Sarah!
I think usually if the root has roots & it's over 2" long, you're good!! πŸ‘