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Does Henrietta need a new home?

New plant baby, Henrietta, from a plant subscription #costafarms), thank you for the recommendation @learydarrel. I wonder...her pot is small, and the soil tends to completely dry out before watering day, does this mean she needs a new pot? Current pot is 2 3/8 inches in diameter.
If so, can I see how you pot/display your Sweetheart Hoya?
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3ft to light, direct
Last watered 19 hours ago
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I agree with @Nikosmom13 that they want to dry out so as long as she isn't wrinkling you're fine!

It looks like she's a single leaf without a node so she shouldn't ever need a larger pot, but you can change her pot to refresh her soil or if you find the perfect one for her to live in!
Forgot to post her :)
Hoyas don’t like a moist soil so, even if you size up, you want her to be on the dry side after watering anyway 😁 Henrietta is cute
@Nikosmom13 good to know, thank you! She makes my heart flutter a little, haha.
Henrietta is super adorable.
Cacti like to be in close proximity size wise. So no bigger than 5-10% in relation to the width of the cactus. You want them to also have strong draining soil so perlite and pumice, lava rock, and sand make for an ideal environment or you can buy a succulent and cactus mix and amend as necessary. It is good practice to let them dry out and then water them as they don’t enjoy being water logged. Adding a top dressing will also help to maintain moisture and keep soil from spilling over when you do decide to water. :)
@JauntyGrandfir thank you for this!!! I'm on the search for a new pot home and a cute, appropriate top dressing.
@orise You are very welcome! I hope you have fun shopping for your little guy if I can help further don’t hesitate to ask. I’m still learning as I go as well. There’s so much to know but most of it is intuition as well.