Posted 1w ago by @SoundlyAnahaw

I found soil mosquitos because it had stagnant water in the pot
I think I got rid of the mosquitos (i can’t see them anymore), but I think the plant is slowly dying… I might have watered it too much 😭
8ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
Best Answer
If it was sitting in stagnant water, it may have root rot. You'll want to check it's roots and rinse/trim away any rotten roots with sterilized scissors, sterilizing between cuts. All hope is not lost.🖤
Oh that’s a great advice! Any tip on how can I sterilise? Any product you recommend? Thank you ❤️
Just use rubbing alcohol 🙂
@WickedValkyrie alright! I never saw alcohol here in the UK but I’ll check on Amazon 😊🙏
😲 y'all don't have isopropyl alcohol?? How do you clean your wounds?

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