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Syngonium Pink Splash
I love how it matures with the green splashes! Anyone else have any Syngonium?? #SyngoniumSquad #Syngonium #SyngoniumPinkSplash #PlantAddict #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #HappyPlants #plantproper
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got my first two syngoniums recently! loving them so far πŸ₯Ή but omg pink splash is so gorgeous!
@lazyplantparent oooo yours are nice!! Yeah the pink splash is maturing now and it’s so cool! The leave shape is nice
Your plant is gorgeous. Love the soft variegated colors. The pink is so nice. πŸ’š
I have four, and I think I want one more but haven't decided which πŸ«£πŸ˜‚
@PlantMompy what do you have ?
White butterfly, emerald, mango and strawberry cream.
@PlantMompy oo I like that variety tho
Stop tempting me woman! 🀭
@jcPlantProper I feel like I have white and green and pink and green so maybe a pink and white to round out the group.

I'm also suddenly thinking I want them to actually vine instead of be bushy like we always buy them πŸ€”
@AwesomePlants haha they’re pretty cute actually. I got my plant shelves bought. Now once I set them up, I’m buying one for myself so πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@PlantMompy yeah I was gonna ask that. Have you seen the wendlandii? We have it in 4 and 6” but it’s a viner or a climber. Lemme find some pics
@PlantMompy pink and white seems like expensive hahaha the wendlandii is green and white
@jcPlantProper show pics once you get them setup! Would love to see! Is this in your living room where you wanted to add something behind the couch?
@PlantMompy and when the leaves mature they’re super lobed. First is from google. Second is ours
@AwesomePlants these are the shelves I got
Plant proper site got me into Syngoniums 😭 I need more
@kscape we have 10 right now. Alllll so cool 😎
@kscape my fave is the confetti (it had more color than shown), robusta green and the arrow
@jcPlantProper I am super into the ones that are really lobed, and have eyed the confetti
@PlantMompy yeah that one will love a hanging basket. I haven’t taken an updated photo but they have a lot of pink rn.
@jcPlantProper What a perfect spot for a plant wall!!
We have a very similar one!
@Tropicalia oh cute!!
@kscape and I were just mentioning how much we admire all things syngonium! I’ve been wanting to order from plant proper! Thanks for the heads up @jcPlantProper I have many on my wishlist. And funny you should ask, I was just admiring my little prop while changing the water. 🀍 And I selfishly kept the old dried leaf on my red because I like the pink color (last pic, right) lol the leaves are so beautiful at all stages.
@Harat9 omg is that the red arrow??? That’s so PRETTY! I can show you some tmrw when I’m back at work. Some updated pics
@jcPlantProper yes! I’m obsessed with her...more so then the albo of I’m being honest. I should have gotten more when I had the chance, but maybe I’ll come across some again one day! & Yay yes I’d love to see everything!
@Harat9 we sell the red arrow but it’s smaller and cute. The albo is a little harder to care for imo
My my goodness 🀩
I want the scrambled eggs one!
Ugh now I need this one
Syngoniums are my new favorites!! Was just ogling my mango earlier, I’ll do a post sometime this week. Also have a pixie and wendlandii @PlantMompy I have a wendlandii and stare at it daily 😍 get one!! Or I’ll send you a cutting!
@lemrobs let's swap some so we can both expand our collection!
@Harat9 that prop vase is EVERYTHING
Sooo beautiful
@Kaleyeeaah omg the eggs one 🀩
@PlantMompy yes perfect idea! Are you loving the mango? I can’t get over mine
Mine from you guys is doing amazing!!
@AshleyK ah omg. I love to see it!! It’s on my list of plants to get for sure. I’ll prob end up with the splash and wendlandii. Let the wendlandii trail
I just got one today! So pretty!
I think I have about 20 of them and want more!
@Rinne whew!
I currently have an albo, and my newest addition is a baby rayii.
I have one! She’s just a baby tho. One wee leaf!
@Kaleyeeaah I also want a scrambled eggs one!
@bloomyandgroovy look at this colour!!! she’s calling my name
Ohhh i have 2. Pink Splash and Milk Confetti. But my pink splash is losing its pink. Trying to save that
I have 3!! 2 were gifts and I recently purchased a confetti. Robusta was the first, then the albo. The easiest plants in my collection for sure.
@Malennie is your pink splash bleaching ??
@CoolJicaro wow that pink one !
@Malennie I NEED THE MILK CONFETTI. Lol. That’s my favorite one
You guys are killing me! These plants are GORGEOUS. I've always steered clear of syngonium thinking they would be headaches for some reason. Now you all have me wanting to run out and buy one immediately
@ManyLime no hahah they’re super cool!!!
This thread inspired me to take a proper photo of my pink baby. I hope she’ll grow to be as beautiful as your big ones!!
@emmybee ommggg that’s adorable!!! Where is it placed?
@jcPlantProper Right now it’s in a little alcove near my side door. It’s a wee bit dimmer in there than I’d like - I’m on the hunt for a little grow lamp if you have recommendations! But despite the low light, she’s holding her pink pretty well so far!
@emmybee they like light but not too bright. I’m honestly not familiar with grow lights enough to recommend a specific kind
@lemrobs yes! Thank you, I agree, my husband gave it to me years ago with flowers in it, so I wouldn’t even know where to look for one like it, I’ll let you know if ever I come across one again, I would love more & appreciate the craftsmanship and weight of it.
@jcPlantProper not sure. They are still pink but just not as bright as when i got it.
@Kaleyeeaah hahaham mine is in ICU now. Trying to bring it back to life.
@jcPlantProper Me either! I’m hoping to find a wee one I can just use to supplement the indirect light they’re getting. I live in Canada, so those sunlight hours are about to become… limited. 🍁
@jcPlantProper welppppp I'm the proud owner of 2 as of this morning 😩😩😩 but they are pretty. I'll post later 😁
Does the pink splash revert?
@Kwanna it shouldn’t once it’s green!

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