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When I got this plant there was only one type Nowbthe other Kind is growing up Should I separate them ? The one has that beautiful trunk stalk
4” pot
Last watered 9 hours ago
They will probably have very tangled roots so if you want to split them by type you should repot soon.
@tattedscientist ok I wondered If you look close They’re growing in each side of the one So no telling what root system I’m going to find Been digging out pots Ended up outside Gosh awful out Humid close Had to come in
@SoigneSalal expect them to shed some leaves after you repot them. Use a mix that drains well and let them dry between waterings and they should all bounce back :)
@tattedscientist ok thank you Should I put them in big pot or like a 4 in I dug out couple oh probably 8!in pot I need excuse to buy some pretty ones lol
They like to be a little root bound so put them in pots that fit the roots with just a little space on the sides and bottom for new root growth.

You won't really know what pot size they will like until you get them separated. 8 inch pot will probably be too big.
@tattedscientist ok thanks I’ve got smaller ones 4 in I think
@SoigneSalal I agree with @tattedscientist on this πŸ’―. Great advice.

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