Posted 1M ago by @CuteBreadnut

My cats chewed on the leaves…should I cut the chewed leav...

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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When my cats do that I will cut the leaves if they start to get brown. Sometimes that means just cutting off the brown part and leaving half a leaf. Spider plants don't mind being a bit root bound, but that pot looks pretty full. If you see roots sticking out anywhere I'd repot it. If not, it could just be growing slower from winter and might pick up the pace soon.
Cata have really yucky mouths but if it's been a while and they aren't dying off or going funky I'd leave them. The more green the more it can get nutrients so I wouldn't cut unless you have to. You could check the top of the pot to see if you see roots wrapping around the top or if roots are poking out of the drainage holes if so it's too small of a pot.