Posted 3M ago by @ShrewdPipevine


My plant started getting yellowish yesterday, I read it was because of a nitrogen and magnesium deficiency, I added some eggshell and a little bit of fertilizer a few hours ago, it’s only getting worse πŸ₯²
11ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Do you see any pests? Thrips can cause this kind of damage.
@debbiedo There is no sign of pests as far as I can tell
Thrips are very very tiny. To the naked eye they just like little white or black flecks, but if you watch them long enough you can see them move.
Even if you don’t see any, it wouldn’t hurt to spray the whole plant with neem oil to be safe. Be sure to keep it out of direct sun for a bit after spraying.
It’s tough to tell, but is it only the one leaf? If the rest of the plant is healthy, then it’s probably just shedding that leaf. Which is totally normal.
Lisa turning brown what to do