Posted 1w ago by @Lizsimonee

Peperomia help!
Does anyone have any insight into these spots on my peperomia plant?! They just appeared in the last two days🥲 #help ! #Peperomia
4” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
The plant card says your pot has no drainage, so it could be from too much water... I would suggest carefully checking the roots 🖤
I need to update all the details for my plants but this pot does have drainage holes 🤔 hmm I’ll check the roots just to be sure!
@WickedValkyrie thank you!
You're welcome! Hopefully you figure out what's wrong and she recovers soon! (:
Does it ever get direct sun? Could also be burns from sun or over fertilizing. I've had some fert burns that looked similar to that on my pothos in the past...

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