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Can anyone help diagnose my plant? I just bought it and i...

5ft to light, direct
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Hi there! I’m not sure what’s up with your plant, but I would suggest the following :
1. Re-pot it - this will give you a chance to see it’s root system and if it’s healthy and will also allow you to see if it needs a larger pot as It may be root bound. If you find mushy roots, you’ll need to rinse away the soil, cut the mushy roots away, spray them with hydrogen peroxide and plant in a *clean* pot *with drainage* and fresh soil. Throw out the old soil if it has root rot.
2. Spray the plant with neem oil solution in case it has pests. Spray it in the afternoon and only return it to sun the next day so the leaves won’t burn. Also, keep this plant away from your other plants so as not to allow pests to spread.
I also saw this article for your plant’s care :

soil,for%20all%20of%20your%20plants.&text=Soursop%20requires%20abundant%2C%20bright%20and%20direct%20light" target="_blank">,for%20all%20of%20your%20plants.&text=Soursop%20requires%20abundant%2C%20bright%20and%20direct%20light.
Hope this helps! πŸͺ΄πŸ’š
Thank you so much! Will re-pot it this week for sure and try to get my hands on neem oil.