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Dracaena growing brown

I’ve been trying to save this guy for nearly a year now. He just wont grow out. Any new growth he does muster comes out brown from the start. He is in a peat mix, plenty of drainage & lots of indirect light. Not sure where I’m going wrong? Any help would be overly appreciated:) #Dracaena #brownleaves
9ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It's seems like it could be from inconsistent watering. Maybe the roots aren't absorbing any water and nutrients. Maybe too much drainage?!
Is that a thing for dracaena? I’ve always been under the impression that dry dry was the only way for them. Maybe I’ll remix the soil with more organic. Thank you! Appreciate the response @plantfinatic
It could also be a fungus. My brand new lemon lime had it. It almost finished with the plant. I used one table spoon baking soda, one table spoon mineral oil in a gallon of water. Pharmacies usually carry the mineral oil. And you’ll need a spray bottle for chemicals, so it doesn’t get clogged. Once I sprayed mine, the result was almost immediate. Waited like 3 weeks and wiped it clean. The thing started coming back. So I sprayed it again and haven’t cleaned it since. fungus hasn’t come back. I’m waiting till the plant is more mature and I’ll try cleaning it again. And if I remember correctly, what makes it the possibility of it being a fungus, is the yellow lining that the brown has.
Oh and the fungus is called brown spot. If you google it, see if the pictures look like the ones your plant gets at the beginning. With the yellow edge around them.
Wow thank you @in2ndo - very insightful and makes so much sense in this context. Going to try it soon! Hope you have a great weekend
@in2ndo and btw Bella is looking great now 😍