Posted 1Y ago by @MightyRedbanana

Why are the leaves curling?

My primrose has been struggling. Any new growth is small and deformed. The leaves are curling in and I’ve had to cut off several yellow ones. Any idea what is going wrong?
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
pests or nutrient deficiency can cause leaves to be formed incorrectly. Have you fertilized it recently? Can you use a magnifying glass to get a close up inspection for pests??
@Madplantlady I haven’t fertilized it but I did inspect for pests and didn’t see any.
Primroses are sold for their flowering display and don't adapt that well to being a houseplant. I would give it all the light possible and consider planting outside in spring to prolong its life.
@Troocalgis I am starting to think so too that primroses don't seem to adapt well to being houseplants. I got a primrose for my birthday a little less than a month ago, and from the start, it's been struggling, and now it's starting to look pretty much dead. I have been misting it and also gave it a little bit fertiliser, but nothing seems to work. New leaves start to get dry right after appearing, and all the flowers are gone. It's been quite a depressing birthday present, to be honest.
@ZestyCornbind That's not good ):
I would suggest trying an African violet instead. They're easier, they just don't like getting their leaves wet so you don't have to mist them.