Posted 1M ago by @GoodyDewberry

How mutch water does this need?
Red spiked small plastic pot watered it last week soil is very dry
1ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Best Answer
If you are unsure. I suggest watering from the bottom. Place in a bowl or sink and let it drink its fill.
Also what species is this?
I think it's a Golden or Mexican fire barrel cactus. @Shaubplantshack is right about watering if you don't know. Just don't do it too often.
@GoodyDewberry i would suggest the same thing as @Shaubplantshack, placing the pot in a half-filled container with water and letting it sit and drink. Give it about 6-10 minutes and then take out and let dry.

Also, I believe it may be a Echinocactus grusonii Red! (They come in tons of forms and colors. My favorite are the ones with pink spikes!) πŸ’•

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