Posted 2w ago by @ArdentLoquat

What's happening to my plant?! It is placed in direct sunlight and has been raining a lot here so it gets water every other day. It was so happy and now is so sad. Help?!
8” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Is there enough drainage? How new/fresh/fertilized is the soil?
I'm no expert, these are observations I'm learning to look at when I notice my plants are droopy.
From what I know about Fuschia’s (my late grandfather was the ultimate fuschia lover), he kept his out of direct sunlight and in a more shaded/indirect light location. His always thrived and he had a ton of hummingbirds. Now he may have had other “secrets” to their caretaking but that is what I remember. Best of luck!
I will move her and see if it reacts in a couple days. Thanks a lot!!

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