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This was a Walmart rescue, it has the netted plug so I was going try to take that off, should go down size too? This is my first alocasia.
You got THAT at Wally World?! Amazing!!

The plug is just how they are grown en masse. Usually plants don't have issues with plugs. Seeing as you have an Alocasia, I might just let it alone for a while. Allow it to acclimate for a while before you do anything.

Those pots from Costa Farms are cute, but tough to get the nursery pot out. I'd consider removing it from the outer pot if the outer pot doesn't have a drainage hole (I'm betting it doesn't).

Just be ready to lose some leaves while it's acclimating. Costa Farms has good plants so you shouldn't have an issue with the plant as long as you rescued it from Walmart's employees fast enough. (: i'm hoping that the person in the garden center loves plants and took care of it before you. 💚🤞
It was on sale for $5! I had too! The pot alone was worth that!
@user24ea0868 I'm glad you like that pot because you might be in for an emotional ride with that plant. 😉 Make your you follow #AlocasiaAddicts because they love alocasias and are a wealth of information.
Thank you!!

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