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In your opinion…
Hello #PlantExperts This is my #asparagusfern and I’ve had it about a year. It was outside last summer. It’s been inside since fall. It was unhappy with the move at first and lost a lot of leaves, but since then it had recovered and had had more growth than ever!! Some over 4 feet!! Suddenly it’s become a bit yellow here and there and is dropping leaves. I know they like a bit of root bound but perhaps it’s in need of a #repot
If this were your plant, would you:

1. Repot
2. Leave as is
3. Split into 2 and repot
Best Answer
Hey, I would definitely repot. Those roots look amazing. Being a little root bound is good but there just isn’t enough substrate anymore to help the roots absorb nutrients and grow. A slightly bigger pot should do.
@Plantoholic thank you! Appreciate your input! That’s the direction I was leaning.