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I repotted and think I killed him
Sooo, I tried to repot this guy and he was super root bound, and I think I may have knocked him from his roots. He’s starting to look thin…Is there any way I can save him?
Let it recover and give ample light
@cjred do I just leave it alone then? Do I need to give it extra water or just water as normal? I’m a brand new plant mama. Lol
I can’t tell for sure what your baby is but definitely looks like a succulent. I would never recommend over watering a succulent, they do not like that and I’ve killed many succulents that way before I realized how easy they are to overwater. Depending on where you live really changes how to water, for example when I lived in Seattle I only watered my aloe once a month except in 2-3 months of summer I went to once every other week. When I repot anything I usually give them 24 hours to adjust in their new soil before I water, and I put them in a certain window sill that gets lightly filtered indirect light so they get quite a bit of sunlight but not the intensity of direct sun. After a week I move them where I want them to live more permanently. I have no clue if this is pure luck but so far this method has worked really well for me.
I don’t think you should give up on him yet, I wouldn’t call him killed. If he were mine I would move him to more light and make sure I’m watering him only once the soil is complete dry (which as I mentioned will change based on where you live but for where I live now in eastern WA it would be every 2 weeks)
@muhlissuh I’m not 100% on what it is either, but Gregg says it’s an Ox Tongue. So far I’ve just been watering it when the app has said to. It was doing great before I repotted him…it was a bit of a struggle to get him out and I think I might have just done too much damage. I did water him the day I repotted him, but haven’t since.
@muhlissuh I have him under a grow light right now, I have been doing a few hours under the grow light and then moving him back to his indirect light spot.
@userd8ad6c40 I think you’re doing great, and I have hopes for you that he’s going to come back. I am no expert though, I’ve only been successful at keeping indoor plants for the last year and a half and before that I killed almost everything.. it was really discouraging. I think there’s just trial and error and I think some plants just don’t want to live
@muhlissuh thank you! I got this little dude as a gift in early December and probably should have repotted him way sooner than I did. What has been the easiest to grow or your favorite so far? I really want to add more plants. I’m in North Dakota, I need all the green and pretty I can. 😂
@userd8ad6c40 I think my favorites are my lemon lime dracaenas.. I think they are really cool looking but also they are super forgiving if I forget about them. This was my first winter over here on the east side of WA and it was legit cold and they were perfectly happy living under the lights in my rooms. They also are really good for air purification so I have 4 dracaenas in total. I also really enjoy my mistletoe cactus, I have 5 of them 😂 they look crazy and I like it haha I have them all in hanging pots and I think they just look so cool hanging over the edge. They have been easy going, I have some in the window and some are not but all thriving just the same

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