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How do I "undo" when I accidentally hit the Water button.
Before the last upgrade, I could undo my last action, whether that be snooze or water. Now the app looks so different I can't find where I can undo it. I hot water today and meant to hit snooze so I don't wanna forget to come back and water in a few days. Has this feature gone away? Does anyone know how to do it? Thank so much for the help!
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@TinaRedchic ahhhh - I don’t think the undo option was added back just yet. I would just keep an eye, water when needed & hit water again to get it back on track (unless the option comes back with your next update before then.) I don’t think one accidental water will mess up the algorithm.
Go to the plant, scroll all the way down & you should see your recent actions under timeline to undo it
@Blau_Ozean thank you for responding. My screen doesn't look like yours?? Are you using SuperGreg?
@TinaRedchic not sure, my icon on my screen just says Greg. I have an iPhone if that helps?
@Blau_Ozean Yes unfortunately we have different phones as well as apps. I use an android. I really appreciate your help tho! Hopefully someone with an Android phone will respond. πŸ˜»πŸ˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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