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What is happening to my plant? I watered it and this happened a two days later. What should I do?
Oh, those are just some big ol mushrooms! They are generally harmless to your plant and occur when the soil is retaining moisture allowing fungus to grow! If you want to remove them, pull them out with a paper towel and let the plant dry out real good, that should keep them at bay. If they keep returning, check your soil for any dead leaves, stems, pieces of wood that may be fueling them and make sure not to overwater the plant as moisture helps them grow. If that doesn’t help, you may eventually have to rely on some sort of fungicide, or get some more airy/draining potting soil. πŸ‘πŸ½
Those look like mushrooms. I would suggest looking into a fungicide for houseplants or researching alternative methods for getting rid of the fungus in the soil
Thanks so much!
@NewGrowth I appreciate the response and suggestions. ❀️

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