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What's wrong with my painters palette anthurium?
The spadix has turned brown and the flower is darkening... It's not squishy, but it's not crispy either... Help! It's only been in my care for like a week and a half and I don't want it to die. 😭

I've been keeping it in my bathroom for quarantine. It's gotten pretty minimal light and I watered it once on Friday. I moved it to the living room today for a bit of light and air circulation. Hopefully there's no pests that will harm my other plants...
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4ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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It could just be time for it to retire like a normal flower or leaf
Yep! @rjg should get best answer for that one!

The flowers don't last for ever, but with proper care, they keep coming back! (:
DANG!! I just noticed how HUGE the flower is!
@sarahsalith I am still waiting for mine to grow some in my care
@RJG @sarahsalith okay thank you! Sad to see it go so soon, but glad my plant is probably not dying... πŸ™ƒ

Also, idk how big these flowers normally are but I've been told by most of the people I've known in my life that I have really small hands... Lol It could just be a trick of the eyes... πŸ˜…
Usually my flowers are the size of a ball jar lid. They are outside in the dark at the moment.
Here you go @sarahsalith . I did my best to maneuver the tape measure with just one hand... Lol
@WickedValkyrie those are huge!
@WickedValkyrie Your plant is beautiful. I have one with white flowers but they are not as huge as yours. But the flowers do dry up naturally after they have been out awhile and more flowers get their start. Your plant is healthy!
@sarahsalith hell yeah! Hopefully the new ones will also be huge! Lol Wherever my store gets their plants must use some hella good fertilizer cuz the orchids they carry are absolutely massive too! πŸ™ƒπŸ–€ Should I cut the stock on this one when it's done dying/drying out or whatever?
@WickedValkyrie The flowers will dry out on their own and shrivel. I usually cut mine when they begin to look unsightly and detract from the effect of all the newer one looking majestic.
@AC73LoveCats I'm not too worried about the aesthetics, I'm more worried for plant health. It won't harm the plant to leave them on once they start shriveling up and they'll fall off on their own like a dead leaf would? (I've literally never grown any kind of flowers before... πŸ˜…)
@WickedValkyrie No, it won’t hurt the plant, whether you let it dry up completely or cut it off.

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