Posted 3w ago by @Herbalgreen25

Anyone know what plant this is?
So I’m in Arkansas zone 7A. I found this plant next to some trees. I thought it was beautiful.
4” pot
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Best Answer
Hey, neighbor! That looks like Coralbells, some folks call it Coral-beads. I'm sure it has lots of names. It grows wild all over the place and it's definitely a climber! (:
It might be a Carolina coralbead aka Cocculus carolinus, but I could be wrong.
@Icecreemman100 @sarahsalith are both correct! And if you have pets or littles it’s good to know it’s toxic!
@PlantLoverLily awesome thank y’all so much! I’m a kout to Add it to Greg !

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