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Why red leaves?
Today I unfortunately gave in and adopted a half dead Rex begonia. I’m wondering, why are his leaves red? His newest leaf isn’t red so I’m not sure what’s going on. I think it might be sun stress or something, but I’m not sure. Any ideas? #RexBegonia
A lot of plant leaves change color as they mature, and a lot of begonias have quite colorful leaves...(Rex are supposed to have red, the more light they get, the more red.) I will say this baby looks pretty dang crispy so it could have gotten too much sun, but it also looks pretty thirsty. If you can, please upload some pics with better lighting, these are really dark. 🙃✌️
@WickedValkyrie Woah! They do that? I was starting to think my store started spray painting the plants like some stores around me do. I’ll upload some better pictures later, the powers out because of stormy weather so I’m currently relying on my solar powered grow lights for lighting.
Your oasis plants are beautiful. 🥰
Oh yeah click on the hashtag you added to your post and you'll see lots of red variegation! Or just Google begonias, some of them are breathtakingly beautiful! (:
@Pegster aww thank you! That means a lot!
I have a huuge hanging basket of this red/black begonia and like 6-8 other Rex begonias! The color will not be on the new leaves until they’re exposed to light then it starts to show up, they’ll come in very light colored. Very normal!

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