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Can anyone educate me on the difference between a monstera adasonii and monstera leichtlinni? And what would this be?
The price for the second one is outrageous…so….that can help. It’s also very rare according to what I’ve read. Also the leaves on the first one will kinda waxy. Hopefully this helps in some way! πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š
🀣🀣 Got it, that answers at least that question. I bought this off a retired army vet that grows plants in his backyard for $7 🀣
@Kpow85 As the wife of a retired Soldier, I thank you for supporting another! Also, that's a really beautiful monstera. Congratulations!
Okay so I'm no expert here, but I've never heard if leichtlinni so I did a little digging. From what I can tell, that's a misnomer used by some growers that isn't even really "a thing."

Based on visual comparisons of different Adansonii forms v. Varieties I think you have a monstera adansonii narrow form.
@Paradox the man was incredibly informative and knew his plants! I’ve been back a handful of times!
@didikillit very informative! Thanks!

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