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Does anyone else have a cacti or succulent or any plant really that has color changing flowers? #WeirdPlants
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So crazy, as the flowers age by the day depending on which flower opens first, they start a salmon/orange kinda color and change to light pink after a couple days. They close at night and open in the morning a different color than they were the previous day.
This one also opened a black and red color and turned a dark purple as the days passed.
@AuntChicken have you seen or owned any plants with color changing flowers?
I have a dark elf succulent that starts with yellow flowers and they darken to orange. Not as dramatic as that cactus 😍 I want one now! And I'm not a cactus person...
@Momster that’s cool. I don’t think I’ve seen that. I don’t own one of those. I’ve maybe seen them at the nursery nearby, but didn’t realize they changed color, since I didn’t get to watch them change as the days passed.
@SirLiquorice I have not owned any plants of any type where the blossoms have changed color mid bloom! It's been such a joy to see through your photos!!!!
They're beautiful 🌸🥰
@AuntChicken thanks. yeah I am really glad I bought that cactus. It was at an H‑E‑B grocery store. It had one flower growing that was about to bloom. So that’s what attracted me to it. It was much smaller. But ever since it has been constantly blooming. It’s weird to me how these flowers can glow and shine. Some of the pictures look to me like I used a filter or some type of special effects or lighting. But all I did was set it up with the light that was currently there or maybe have a light held above it sometimes or direct sunlight but never used any filters in any of these pics. I’ve tried portrait mode but that usually looks worse rather than better. But some of these pics look so weird and glowing and almost fake. Like the ones in the first comment on this post. The light was more dim and I needed more light, yet the flowers have this weird glow.
@SirLiquorice WOW! That’s amazing!!! 😲😲😲 I never heard of such a thing! What plant is that?
In The first pics, it’s a cactus called a gymnoclaycium baldianum with the flowers that turn pink and the second one is a desert rose with the black and red flowers that turn purple. @TruthfulApricot
@TruthfulApricot the first and second comment on this post shows more of them when changing colors. I was just commenting on how weird it looks in some of those pictures. Almost like there’s a fake glow effect or something, but that’s just the way the pics came out with the lighting at that time.
@SirLiquorice I had a cactus that bloomed earlier this year but that’s about it. All my plants are non blooming plants except for my orchid.
That’s so cool! I need one! You have special plant there! 😍
Amazing how the colour of the flower changes, it's just stunning. 🥰
I wonder if it’s something that happens to all of the species or if it has to be in the right conditions? Do you have it near any other flowering plants of similar colors?
Dang, Sir! You have a GIFT!
Oh that’s so cool!!
@PlantyPlanter it’s next to the red one that’s the exact same type but that one doesn’t change color. They come in different colors. Says on the pot it can come in light pink or salmon as some options but doesn’t mention it can change from salmon to light pink.
@SirLiquorice maybe that’s causing it to change colors?
It seems to just naturally do that no matter what. I have heard of the climate conditions and even the fertilizer used can sometimes change the flower colors but I don’t think they mean they will change daily as they open and close. But they next flowers could be a completely different color. But this cactus has been consistently making light pink flowers. They always start out that salmon color first however. I will take a pic later today to see what they look like now. It should have more opening
@PlantyPlanter the desert rose is under grow lights. Same thing the flowers start black and red and turn purple as the days pass by. But the flowers stay open on that one. They don’t close at night like the gymnoclaycium

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