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Phil isn’t well
I feel like I’m doing everything right. Any tips?
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hi maybe try to move it from the window. i can see its near a window. I say that because i can see a yellow leaf.
Chinese money plants need ample light and should be placed near a south window for direct sunlight. Mine is doing well on a south window sill. The yellow leaf may be an old leaf. Your plant looks nice and should do well.
This growth habit is most likely to occur if the plant’s light source is coming from the side. This is a very common situation indoors, where the primary source of lighting is from a window.

You can reduce this appearance by positioning the plant where it gets most of its light from above.

Lighting from the side can also cause the entire stem to bend towards the source of light and the leaves will tend to grow towards the light, resulting in lopsided growth.

Also, make sure you wait to water your plant until the soil is completely dry, and check the leaves to make sure you’re not overwatering/under watering it! :)
@userb70c9fde I was about to say what @kscape said.
@Pegster also, most Chinese money plants do not like direct sunlight! Direct sunlight will eventually scorch your leaves. Best is to get bright, indirect lighting.
@kscape Maybe you should send your opinion to the Greg team. What I said about placing a money plant in a south window is what they suggest. My plant leaves have not burned.
I have the same situation as @Pegster - my Chinese money plant sits in the window sill of a south-facing window and loves it.

The soil looks dry and the leaves look dull, I would recommend not letting the soil dry out too much and gently clean your leaves.
With my own money plant, I found that bright indirect light works best. My south facing window had too much direct light so I moved it to the coffee table in my living room with lots of indirect light. If you feel like your plant may be getting scorched, that is an option!

I’m also wondering if the money plant was planted too far into the soil. Most of them have a center stem that continues to grow and sprout leaves; yours looks like all of the leaves are coming directly from the soil. I wonder if this could be cutting off nutrient circulation to the leaves. If this seems to be the issue, try repotting a little higher in soil with added drainage (perlite).

On the topic of watering, only allow the top inch/inch and a half to go β€œdry” (soil does not stick in a clump easily if you press it between your fingers) before watering. Like others mentioned, your soil looks a little too dry.
Well, I suppose some Money plants love direct light, and others are sensitive to direct and thrive better in indirect bright light! πŸͺ΄πŸ€—
I keep mine in the bathroom because of the humidity and in a south facing window. It seems to do pretty well.
@Pegster mine like the sun too.
The curling leaves are telling you it’s thirsty. Give it a nice warm shower
Mine definitely got scorched leaves in an east facing window, so I don’t know how they survive in a south facing window! I had to move mine into a north facing window and it’s doing fine and sprouting offshoots again.
Be sure to rotate this plant weekly

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