Posted 5d ago by @plantycapricorn

Dying dieffenbachia!!
I don’t know why it’s dying or what is happening, about a month ago it seemed really healthy, I haven’t found any pests (other than my usual fungus gnats) and I’m pretty sure the roots are fine. It lost a browned leaf this morning. How do I save it? #Dieffenbachia
3ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
This looks like it could be sunburn to me. Especially since the top leaves have it the worst. The bottom protected leaves look fine. The sun might have been ok where it was before but the summer sun can be more intense. Maybe he needs a summer holiday in a different part of the house.
@AllieTerrarium thank you!! Would the tips of te leaves browning also be related to that ?
@plantycapricorn it can because they’re withering. These plants don’t like direct light and I see on your plant card that this is listed as directly getting light. Sadly sunburn leaves can’t recover.
I agree that it looks like sunburn. If I'm back here like bright light, but not direct. I would remove the sunburned leaves so that your plant isn't sending energy to them and instead can focus on the healthy leaves that it does have
The new growth looks great. I would also prune the yellow leaves to conserve energy for the new growth.

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