Posted 2w ago by @WickedValkyrie

What is this?
This little dude just popped up in my front garden all on his own! I'm thinking maybe it's a baby palm of some sort? Idk it's cute whatever it is!

What are you and where did you come from lil guy?? πŸ₯Ή
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Best Answer
This is what Google thinks it is. Washingtonia Palm - California-Palm, Washingtonia Filifera
Aw yeah! Some kind of palm! Like a coconut Palm πŸ₯₯ or something
@jcPlantProper aw yay! I might just have to dig it up and put it in a pot so I can always have a piece of Cali with me when we move back to OK in a couple years... πŸ™ƒ
Those leaves are nothing short of amazing!
@Kace I think we have a match! It even has the curly little hair like things! Thank you!
Soooo cute πŸ₯°
@WickedValkyrie This is the one and only time that Google has been right! πŸ†
@Kace πŸ˜‚ the Google machine does occasionally ID plants correctly, it's just really rare. Lmao

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