Posted 1w ago by @Harri

Any idea what could cause this? This mango resides at east window so plenty of light. #mango #help #tips
To me, your picture shows a bright lime green leaf! That must be a new leaf coming out of your mango tree :)

If that’s the case, that’s a good sign! Means your mango tree is pushing out growth 🤗

It could be that the leaf is an older leaf and may be drying out to push new leaves, but it could also be signs of under watering. Mango trees should be watered roughly 2-3 times a week, depending on the size and drainage.
My mango thrived when I had it outside. It quadrupled in size and put out huge leaves.

Your leaf looks dry. It looks like you have a lot of perlite in your pot which will make the soil drain faster. Make sure you are watering well if that soil drains fast and doesn't retain moisture.
@Harri I agree with @kscape and @sarahsalith I looked them up and I agree 💯 with them.

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